Thursday, December 24, 2020

Stephen Gaiber Saves The World Part II


   In the land of Persia, after stopping Nizam from going back in time to kill his brother Sharaman, Prince Dastan is about to marry Princess Tamina. His brothers Tus and Garsiv are witnesses to the wedding and King Sharaman is the officiator. Once Dastan says "I do" and Sharaman prepares to call Dastan and Tamina husband and wife, the wedding gets blasted with one of Trump's nuke bombs, and Tamina, Tus, Garsiv, and Sharaman become skeletons. Dastan cries over their dead bodies.

    After President Donald Trump declared nuclear war and annihilated all the enemies, the remaining survivors -- Stephen Gaiber, Sean LaDuke, Richard Arias, Robin "Blue Genie" Williams, Captain Jack Sparrow and Rick O'Connell -- try to figure out a revenge plan on Donald Trump. They all meet in Stephen's apartment in Irvine, California. They try to strategize a plan. Then Ariana Grande comes into Stephen's apartment once she hears about a revenge plan against Donald Trump. Stephen tells Ariana Grande he's always wanted her to be his girlfriend and maybe friends with benefits. Then Ariana slaps him and says, "How dare you! I'm a powerful, strong woman." Then they find Trump's location: Mar-A-Lago, Florida.

   Stephen, Sean, Richard, Genie, Jack, Rick O'Connell, and Ariana Grande team up to defeat Donald Trump. They crash his Mar-A-Lago house and they find him fat and rubbing his titties. They then attack him and hold him down. They wonder what happened to Mike Pence, Jafar and Imhotep. Mike Pence went to run for president in 2024, Imhotep went back to Egypt to be with Anck Su Namun, and Jafar was sent back to the Cave of Wonders after helping Donald Trump nuke the world. They question Trump about why he killed all their friends. He goes on about how much he hates minorities, wanted people to love him and wanted to be King of the United States. He particularly goes on about how he killed Aladdin, Jasmine, and The Sultan, and how he hates Agraba and Arabs. The Genie then beheads Trump. The group gives a disturbing look at the Genie, wondering why he did it. The Genie replies, "He killed my best friend. I never had a friend like Aladdin. I miss him very much....."

5 Years Later.

   Stephen, Richard, and Jack Sparrow still hang out at the Tustin Marketplace at Red Robin. Stephen likes his ice cream and mixed drinks, Richard loves drinking unlimited beers, and Jack Sparrow constantly has rum. They talk about their lives. Stephen now sees Ariana Grande as his friend with benefits, and she makes him happy. Jack Sparrow constantly drinks and talks about how he wants to steal a boat in Newport Harbor like he did in the Caribbean, and Richard talks about one day maybe being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and joining The Avengers. Blue Genie has moved and created a new land called New Agraba, Sean is now married and has a son named Griffin, and Rick O'Connell moved to Montana to become a hunter, as he loves to shoot his gun. Stephen, Richard, and Jack talk about how they miss their friends and how Disney isn't the same since Mickey Mouse died. They seem pissed about life. Stephen posts on Facebook publicly how he wishes they could go back in time and stop Trump from declaring nuclear war and bring back all those who died. Then Jack goes on a drunk tirade about how he lost Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann and Mr. Gibbs, as well as the Black Pearl crew. They then get kicked out of Red Robin. Stephen looks at his phone and gets a weird message from Prince Dastan. He ignores it at first, but Dastan keeps messaging him. Dastan tells him, "I can travel back in time." He then agrees to meet Stephen, Richard, and Jack at the apartment.

   Stephen, Richard, and Jack meet Prince Dastan. Prince Dastan tells him about his journey and about how he's able to go back in time with the Dagger that his Uncle Nazam was trying to steal from him. He mentions he's always wanted to go back in time and bring back Tamina, Tus, Garsiv, and his father, the King after Trump nuked them. Stephen says that takes lots of magic. Then Stephen gets a brilliant idea: stop Donald Trump from becoming president and have Bernie Sanders be the president. Go back to 2016, have Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton, then have Bernie battle Trump and they all expose Trump's plan. They realize they could use Ariana Grande, Sean, and Rick O'Connell to support them and use The Blue Genie's magic. Stephen, Richard, Jack, and Dastan all agree on the plan.

     First stop: Stephen, Richard, Jack, and Dastan go to Ariana Grande's house. Stephen knocks on the door, and then she slaps him for only using her for being hot. He apologizes but says he loves looks more than personality. Stephen then tells Ariana the plan and asks her to join them since she's a Bernie Bro, or in this case a Bernie Sister, and maybe she can help motivate the Bernie Bros with her looks. She reluctantly agrees.

    Then they go to Sean's place, where his wife Christina and son Griffin come out. Stephen approaches Sean with the plan. Sean and Stephen talk about the glory days, about how they worked together, and how much they loved Disneyworld, Aladdin, and Lord of the Rings. Stephen then convinces Sean to go back to have Bernie Sanders become president and bring back all the people who died in the nuke blast. Sean replies, "I moved on from being a hero. Now I have a son who I need to look after, so I can't die. Stephen gives him a buddy-buddy chat and says, "You will be there for your son. We can't do this without you." Sean agrees.

    They then go to Montana and find Rick O'Connell on a giant ranch, where he shoots targets all day. He bought the ranch with all the money he got in Egypt. Stephen, Sean, Richard, Jack, Dastan and Ariana approach Rick with the idea of bringing Evelyn, Jonathan, and Ardeth Bay back from the dead. Rick laughs and tells Stephen, "It's impossible to go back in time and bring back everyone." Then Stephen introduces Rick to Prince Dastan, who explains how they're going to go back in time and reverse Trump's nuke blast. Stephen convinces Rick that they need him to shoot bad guys. Rick agrees and hugs the group.

   Now, welcome to New Agraba, an island off the coast of Alaska. It's a land full of magical creatures and love. Unicorns roam the land, it's full of peace, no war, no enemies. Everyone gets along. Our heroes see a magical Giant who's the friendliest giant ever. They ask for the Blue Genie and are directed to the mansion. Wow! What a big mansion it is. A servant answers the door and welcomes the heroes, and the servant escorts them to the Blue Genie. The Blue Genie's room is surrounded by beer, hot dogs, pizza, and video games. The Blue Genie is extremely obese. He hugs everyone and is glad to see them all. Stephen then asks, "How nice would it be to bring back Aladdin and Jasmine from the nuke blast?" Blue Genie gets pissed and says, "How dare you bring up what happened with my friends and Trump?" Genie gets heated and almost explodes. Then Prince Dastan introduces himself to Genie and explains that, with his time-travel dagger and Genie's magic, they can stop Trump from becoming president and bring back Aladdin, Jasmine, Carpet and Sultan. Genie says he'd give anything for Aladdin and Jasmine to come back to life. The plan becomes: (1) Go back to the 2016 Democratic primary and boost support for Bernie Sanders; (2) Go to all the debates and have Bernie beat Trump in the general election; (3) Go home and reunite with everyone. Stephen, Sean, Richard, Jack Sparrow, Rick O'Connell, Ariana Grande and Dastan agree. They look at Blue Genie all drunk and sleepy and then go all in. Prince Dastan uses the dagger and the Genie uses his magic to bring the group from 2025 to the Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

   On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, the group travels to Michigan for the Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The group acknowledges it's important not only to help Bernie Sanders beat Hillary, but also to make sure Bernie Sanders wins the presidency at all costs. Ariana is going to ask Bernie if she can go on tour with him so that she can attract supporters and start a March for Bernie. Now, during the debate, Hillary and Bernie talk about a $15 minimum wage and why Bernie believes people shouldn't be in poverty in America, barely getting by. Bernie Sanders also brings up against Hillary Clinton that she helped her Wall Street friends get richer. In another debate, they discuss the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Bernie debates how he's going to put in tough legislation so that the water becomes healthier in flint, as well as his belief that Governor Snyder should resign or be recalled. The biggest issue he discusses is the flight of jobs from Michigan, especially factory jobs, and the realization of the pain that people are going through. He says he will fight to bring their jobs back. Other issues discussed include whether gun manufactures should be charged with murder, how universities and colleges should be tuition-free, and necessary taxes on the wealthiest Americans. Bernie leaves Hillary speechless. Bernie Sanders loses Super Tuesday but wins the state of Michigan.

    The group approaches Bernie Sanders in the green room, where he is shocked to see The Genie, Jack Sparrow, Ariana Grande, Rick O'Connell, and Prince Dastan. Bernie wonders what they are doing in his green room. Stephen, Sean, and Richard explain that they are from 2025 and that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination and Donald Trump became president in 2016 by working with Putin. Then they explain that Donald Trump basically became a full dictator in 2020 and nuked the world and that they are the only remaining people who can help Bernie Sanders win the presidency. Ariana, Jack Sparrow, Genie, Rick, and Dastan all agree to do promotion to help with Bernie's campaign since they're all famous, and Stephen, Sean, and Richard can promote and campaign as well. Bernie is unsure whether to believe them, but then Stephen points out that Trump is the most dangerous president of our time. Bernie then agrees, saying he would rather believe in the nonsense being presented to him than make the huge mistake of not.

   To have Bernie Sanders advance to the Democratic nomination for president, campaign videos and promotions need to be made. Stephen, Richard, and Sean work on raising money and awareness for Bernie's policies in order to get him elected. Genie, Jack Sparrow, Rick O'Connell, Dastan, and Ariana Grande make promotional videos, using their celebrity status to influence the American citizens to vote for Bernie. The group all look at the news, and CNN projects that Bernie Sanders is catching up to Hillary Clinton and that with a few more states he can win the Democratic nomination. A good idea that the crew thinks of would be to campaign in the states of Montana and North Dakota, as they are extremely red states where borderline Democrats could be convinced to get on board with Bernie. The group is able to convince the citizens of Montana and North Dakota to vote for Bernie. Unfortunately, though, Hillary Clinton secures the nomination. Everyone is extremely sad, but then Stephen brings up the point that Putin is not only helping Trump win, but is colluding with the Democratic National Convention for Hillary to get the nomination and to get access to the emails.

   Our heroes and Bernie go to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. They then threaten the heads of the DNC to have Bernie Sanders be the nominee by exposing emails revealing that they wanted Hillary to get the nomination in order to help their donors. At the convention, they decide to give Bernie Sanders the nomination for the will of the people. Bernie thanks the group, and the group says to him, "See you in the battle against Trump."

     Putin coaches Donald Trump for his plan to steal the presidency in 2016. Trump cries to Putin about how he's in trouble even with Republicans for his Access Hollywood tape in 2005, in which he proclaims, "When you're a star, you can grab women by the pussy." Putin then tells Trump not to worry about it, but he's going to unleash dirt on Bernie Sanders about him being a socialist and how he's going to turn America into Venezuela. Putin tells Trump not to worry and that he's pulling out all the stops to steal the election.

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz host the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis. Anderson brings up the leaked 2005 Access Hollywood tape, saying, "You called what you said locker-room banter. You described kissing women without their consent and touching their genitals -- that was sexual assault. You bragged about sexually assaulting women. Do you understand that?" Trump responds, "No, I didn't say that. I didn't say that at all. This is locker-room talk. I'm not proud of it, I apologize for my family. I apologize to the American people. Certainly, I'm not proud of it, but this is locker-room talk. Yes, I'm very embarrassed by it, I hate it, but it's locker-room talk, it's one of those things. I will knock the hell out of ISIS, we're going to defeat ISIS." Bernie Sanders laughs at Trump and says, "Well, Trump, then how do you explain all the sexual assault allegations? I mean, it's not a coincidence that you have all these women who have sexual assault allegations against you. It pisses me off that you think you can get away with everything while these kids who sext have to register as sex offenders. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself running for president." Then Trump badmouths Bernie Sanders for being a Democratic socialist and running up the deficit. Then Bernie brings up how Trump uses taxpayer money for bailouts of his own company. Trump then says that the majority of America does not want to go along with Bernie Sanders's socialist agenda, since Americans love their freedom. Bernie Sanders then laughs at Trump, saying, "Oh, who doesn't want the right to control their own lives? Who doesn't want to have a living wage? Who doesn't want to be able to afford to live? Who doesn't agree taxes should be high on billionaires?" The hosts thank Trump and Sanders for their debate performances as they all shake hands.

   The group then congratulate Bernie Sanders on his debate performance. The group once again film commercials and campaigns for Bernie Sanders. Election night, Nov. 8, 2016, Bernie Sanders looks like he's losing the electoral college, but pulls a slim upset in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Trump refuses to concede the election and talks to Putin about how their plans to steal the election haven't been as successful as they would've hoped. Then Trump claims he smells something suspicious and realizes Bernie Sanders got help to become president, and Trump vows revenge. Bernie Sanders thanks the group for helping him win the presidency. Then Genie and Prince Dastan transport the group back to 2025 as they say goodbye to Bernie Sanders.

   Stephen, Sean, Richard, Genie, Ariana, Rick, Jack and Dastan go back to 2025 and wonder if everyone came back. Stephen looks at Mickey Mouse pictures at Disneyworld being joined by Goofy and Max, hanging out with Will Turner, the Black Pearl crew, Aladdin and Jasmine, Moana and Maui. The pictures are from 2021-2025, so the crew cheers that their mission is accomplished. Then Stephen turns on the news and the ABC 7 News talks about how President Donald Trump is coming to Irvine for a revenge mission of some sort. Stephen wonders, "Wait, is Trump coming for us? And how did he become president, since we made sure that Bernie Sanders won?"

      Trump invades Irvine with Mike Pence, Putin, Hitler, Imhotep, Jafar, Nazis, and MAGA supporters. They blow up Stephen's apartment. Trump then seeks revenge. Trump explains to the group that after losing to Berne Sanders, he went into the Cave of Wonders and saw in his future that he becomes president, declared and caused a nuclear war, and then was murdered in Mar A-Lago by the Genie. He then ordered Jafar to reverse the election results, stripping Bernie Sanders of the win and stealing the election for Trump instead. Then he decided that since his presidency is almost over after serving eight years, his last action as president is to declare a war on those who stopped him from becoming president. So, all the Nazis and MAGA supporters use their weapons against the group. The Genie becomes a shield against the bullets and violence, then battles Jafar and Imhotep. Ariana uses her power as a strong and powerful woman. Jack Sparrow and Rick O'Connell pose for a photo opp by pointing their guns out at the MAGA supporters and Nazis. Jack and Rick use their own weapons against the enemies as the Blue Genie continues to use a shield against the Nazis and MAGA supporters. The Genie is starting to feel weaker as his ass is being kicked by Jafar and Imhotep. Rick and Jack keep shooting but realize their old weapons are nowhere near as powerful as the machine guns the MAGA supporters have. Genie, Ariana, Jack, and Rick feel weak after supporting each other. Trump calls Ariana "sugar tits with a young ass" and it reminds him of how he wants to fuck Ivanka. Ariana, getting really mad, throws Trump on the ground, but then Imhotep blows her away with sand. Jack Sparrow says that the group is fucked since Trump has organized a powerful military and they are outgunned and outnumbered. Then he says he wishes Will Turner was there to come to his rescue. Then Jack hears Will Turner's voice hearing Jack. Then Jack goes, "Wow! It's like I heard the voice of my best friend." Then he hears Will Turner's voice again.

   Then a magical portal appears, and outside of it is the Black Pearl, featuring Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Mr. Gibbs, and the two comic relief pirates. Then Mickey Mouse, Max, Goofy, Will "Genie" Smith, both Aladdin and Jasmine (1992 and 2019), Sultan, Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, the Looney Tunes, Moana, Maui, Moana's village people, Frodo Baggins, Ghandalf The White, Samwise Gangi, Merry and Pippin, Aragon, Legalous, Gimli, Arwin, Evelyn O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan, Ardeth Bay, Tus, Garsiv, Princess Tamina and King Sharamaman emerge from the portal alive and well to defeat Donald Trump. After Ariana Grande gets called sexist remarks, both Princess Jasmines, Evelyn, Lola Bunny, Elizabeth Swann, Arwin, Moana, and Princess Tamina do a women's march to tell Trump not to fuck with them bitches. Stephen confronts Will 'Genie' Smith and asks him what they need to do to defeat Trump. He tells Stephen that if he tells him then it won't happen and that he'll know what to do when the time is right.

    The Pacific Rim Theme song plays during the epic battle. Then the Black Pearl unloads its cannons on the Nazis and MAGA supporters. The Lord of the Rings and Tus and Garsiv ride their horses with their giant swords to battle some of the Nazis and Trump supporters. Ghandalf uses the eagles to battle the fighter pilots and Maui transforms into a giant hawk to crush the military. Mickey Mouse uses the power of creating fireworks to blow up some of the Nazis and MAGA supporters. It's a giant battle with all the movie creatures versus Donald Trump. Michael Jordan is also able to dunk past everyone by flying and believing he can do so.

   Stephen is able to chase down Donald Trump and battle him, and says, "Leave my friends alone and fight me like a man." Sean and Richard distract everyone to get Stephen and Trump to battle each other. Then Trump and Stephen endure in an epic battle. Trump says that he has the nuclear codes this time and that unlike last time, he will actually succeed in destroying the whole world. Trump presses the nuclear codes when everyone is in battle with each other. Trump then says that he is inevitable. Trump presses the nuclear codes and says, "Not today, motherfucker." The bombs go off and kill both of them. Then Imhotep, as he's about to kill the both Genies, loses his power. Then Jafar gets trapped back in the lamp, then the MAGA supporters surrender as Hitler and the Nazis all disappear. Mike Pence and Putin then surrender. Then Sean, Richard, Jack Sparrow, Blue Genie, both Aladdins and Jasmines, Frodo, Ghandalf, Will Turner, Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Rick O'Connell, Prince Dastan and the others surround Stephen as he's dying a weak and painful death, about to turn into a complete skeleton. Everyone cries.

Later on, after the epic battle with Trump, Stephen narrates to everyone how peace on earth is finally here as Richard, Sean, and Ariana rejoice around Irvine. Bernie Sanders becomes president. Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and the Black Pearl crew all rejoice. Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes all enjoy life in Looney Tunes Land. Moana, Maui and Moana's people all come together. The Lord of the Rings crew celebrate in Middle Earth. Rick O'Connell, Evelyn, Jonathan and Ardeth celebrate in Egypt. Prince Dastan, Princess Tamina, Sharaman, Tus and Garsiv celebrate in Persia. Both Genies, Aladdins and Jasmines celebrate, and Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Max celebrate at Disneyworld. Fireworks go off in all the worlds. Also, Bernie Sanders has ordered the arrest of Vladimir Putin, who surrenders peacefully. Instead of celebrating 4th of July, they call the holiday Stephen Gaiber Day.

   Stephen has his funeral at Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom as he enjoys Disneyworld. Bernie Sanders, Governor Swann, the Sultan of Agrabah and King Sharaman eulogize him. Then Jack Sparrow and Rick O'Connell shoot their guns in honor. Then the Lord of the Rings crew, Prince Dastan and his brothers and Ardeth Bay all hold their swords in honor of him. Both 1992 and 2019 Aladdin and Jasmine fly around the Magic Kingdom as Mickey Mouse unleashes fireworks and Maui flies as a hawk. Moana, her people, Max, Goofy, both Genies, Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes all salute. Sean and Richard give a great speech, praising Stephen as a great friend and co-worker. Ariana Grande says that even though Stephen only used her for sex, he was a great person. Everyone holds hands.

   Sean goes and hangs out with his wife Christina and son Griffin. Then Robin "Genie" Williams sees Richard sad and all alone. Genie asks, "What's wrong?" Richard says everyone has their place to go except him. He reiterates how badly he wishes to be a superhero like The Avengers. Genie tells him about all the friends he has. Richard knows but wants to be a superhero like The Avengers. Then Genie gives him the magic lamp and tells Richard that he knows what he needs to do.

    So, Richard goes back to 2012 in New York, where he meets Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury. He introduces himself and says he's from the future and saved the world from the president of the United States, and he asks if he can join them. The Avengers say yes, he can. Then he says, "Avengers, assemble!"

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New Orleans And Atlanta During Covid-19


   Hi there! While taking a break from my zaney story about saving the world from Trump before Part II, let's talk about the first REAL vacation that I've taken since the Covid-19 pandemic happened. I very recently went to New Orleans and Atlanta, and let me tell you, it was a very different time but very doable trip during Covid-19. I went through crowded airplanes, bus rides, and even a few museums. There were times when I felt questionable about safety, but I did everything I could to keep myself safe, such as social distancing and wearing my mask — both extremely inconvenient, but I guess necessary at this time. I hope we don't have to do this forever, or even more than six more months. So, let's talk about the journey of my first real trip during Covid-19.

     Fortunately a good amount of museums were open. Some of the museums I went to were the World War II Museum, Ogden Museum of Art, and the highlight, Mardi Gras World. The World War II Museum is a great museum for those who love history, particularly World War II. There are a lot of artifacts one can see at this museum. The museum takes us back in time, particularly with the opening train exhibit. We get to learn about all the history and events of how the Japanese and Russians joined forces with the Nazis. We get to see replicas of what it was like to fight in battle. A small museum right nearby is the Ogden Museum of Art, and it has some nice art that one can visually take in. It has four different levels with all different art. It's worth checking out as something to do.

    Without a doubt, the best part of New Orleans was Mardi Gras World. The museum displays the making of the Mardi Gras festival and what it takes for the event to happen. The opening of the museum features floats from previous Mardi Gras. After one buys their tickets, one would watch a video about what goes into making Mardi Gras the party of the year. Then we get a tour of more floats from previous Mardi Gras. The museum made me one day want to check out Mardi Gras because of all the fun the festival is. Mardi Gras, as well as other museums I didn't see this time around, give me a reason to return to New Orleans.

   I'd like to talk about what else there is to check out in New Orleans. Jackson Square has some good museums to check out, such as The Cabildo and The Presbytere. The Cabildo has some history from the Civil War and the history of New Orleans. The Presbytere is a great history museum of life in New Orleans, including elements of Mardi Gras and the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe. The first floor discusses how Hurricane Katrina affected New Orleans, from days before to months later. It makes me grateful that I didn't endure Hurricane Katrina. The second floor features props from Mardi Gras, such as costumes and what else goes into the celebrations. Since I am a fan of going to zoos, one should check out the Audubon Zoo. The zoo has different types of animals, such as African and Asian animals like lions, elephants, and tigers. There also is a swamp-like area with birds and swampy waters in the zoo. Something else to check out would be Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, which is a very lively environment even during Covid-19. People were having drinks, partying, and playing music.

    As most of you know, I like to go to museums and look for a bundle that includes activities to save money. The best pass I would recommend to you is the New Orleans Sightseeing Pass. It includes all of the things that I have suggested you see in New Orleans. I get a pass so I have an idea what activities I'm going to be seeing when I go to a particular city. I would recommend that you get it if you go to New Orleans.

   Now for when I went to Atlanta. I checked out some museums, such as The World of Coca-Cola, which is great if one is interested in the history of Coca-Cola. The High Museum of Art is a good art museum with all different types of art. The Center for Puppetry Arts is another museum one would want to check out, especially for those who are into puppets, The Muppets, or Sesame Street.

    For those who want to do a bunch of activities, one should look into the Atlanta Citypass. Some of the activities included are The World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, The Fernbanks Museum of Natural History, National Center for Civil and Human Rights, College Football Hall of Fame, and Atlanta Zoo. The CNN Tour is included but closed due to Covid restrictions and was damaged in the George Floyd protest. Atlanta had a lot of Biden/Harris and BLM signs in front of people's houses.

   Since we're on the subject of traveling during Covid, let's talk about some of the procedures that happened in New Orleans and Atlanta. The mask-wearing is universal. New Orleans made us input our information for contact tracing. Also, one needs either a reservation or to check the attendance at the place they're going to see if they can get in at the time they want. A lot of museums and restaurants check your temperature. Fortunately, at this time there's no Covid test or quarantine required. Hopefully a vaccine will be available soon and will suffice as a way to travel again.

    Overall, New Orleans/Atlanta was a nice return to travel. Let me be honest and say that as much as Covid was an issue, a bigger issue that happened to me was when I went to South Carolina during Hurricane Irma. I felt that New Orleans was a nice and quaint city, but very small. I wasn't a big Atlanta fan and felt that it was like Downtown Los Angeles when I was a kid before it expanded. I hope to do more travels, but join me next time when I finish the story of my movie friends and me saving the world from Donald Trump in Stephen Saves the World Part II.